Thursday, 18 October 2012

Do you ever feel that your giving 100% to the family? I truly feel that my 100% is not enough! so why are my family constantly miserable? whinge and cry or just feel they have the right to plank me? "HELLO! yes your mother is calling your name and i am standing right in front of you".
I call, scream and shout everyday from the minute my girls wake up in the week till i mentally push them though those school gates in the morning, then i am left with only one. Boy o boy she is the one that's the most out of control, the DIVA!
Diva has screamed all the way to school and back three times in one day, after this diva tantrum i ran and locked myself in my room for an hour just to regroup and dry my eyes and collect all energy just to smile. This has started to reoccurred 3 maybe 4 times a week even the other two will start. sometime all three are screaming simultaneously ARRR.  Hubby works long hours and i must admit as soon as i here that car door shut i wanna runaway out the door down the street, asap! I do get overwhelmed with joy when he arrives home {another human life form} sometimes if i am lucky he will say hello to me even ask if i am ok? but thats if i am lucky.
BUT lack of appreciation doesn't stop there, oh no no no no, oh yes there's more. when i was a kid i used to help mum do housework every Saturday without fail then make cakes or bread, i did try to do all this with my girls one Saturday by 10 am guess where I was? yep locked in my room, I wonder what the neighbors think? as matter of fact the hole street?........... WTF
So as i was saying... hmm...  oh yes LOA hubster comes in from work as i lay table and dinner in my house is like 3 course meal and i always make sure that he and girls have exactly what they want, how they like it EVERYDAY people EVERYDAY. not so much as a thank you but you know that's them my family! the girls like to fight when i am not in the room so i cant even go for a poop in peace, they don't tidy after themselves all they do is drive me mad. I love my family very much all these things dont happen contantly never the less i still feel like i am gonna explode So right at the moment i don't think my 100% is NOT enough.

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